Servicing air conditioning

When servicing air conditioning we cover all aspects of the unit to ensure it not only works to its full capacity but that it stays energy efficient. If air conditioning units are left un-serviced, they can begin to collect dust and dirt on certain components which decrease its effectiveness and increases its energy use. This is why our team of engineers are trained to maintain all components of an air conditioning unit.

Servicing Air Conditioning

Some of the parts of your unit our team will check when servicing air conditioning:

As you check see we cover every part of your unit, so once checked you can be safe in the knowledge your air conditioning is working to its full capacity. Our team are highly trained, meaning our clients can be sure each part is working as it should. If your unit is left too long between servicing it can start costing you more money through energy bills, so it always worth having it checked if you feel its effectiveness has diminished at all.

When having your air conditioning serviced you should ensure the team that carry out the checks look at each component because if even one aspect fails it causes loss of function to the whole unit.

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